Employers who feel they are ready to apply for recognition as an Employer of Choice® can initiate the application process at any time. Many employers would like to apply, but are not quite ready. Consulting services are available to assist organizations that desire to evaluate their readiness and improve their performance.

What We Do

The consulting process begins with diagnosis. We firmly believe that “prescription before diagnosis is malpractice.” There are no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, methods to enable an organization to become an Employer of Choice®. Each organization is different and unique and, as such, deserves a unique approach and design. Through our diagnostic work, our consultants are able to work with the leadership team of the client organization to develop the most appropriate collaborative effort to achieve results.

Our objective as consultants is to enable and empower client employees to do the work to move toward becoming an Employer of Choice®. We design together, teach, advise, and support the people who guide and drive positive change. Our style is not to move in with our clients, arrange for offices and administrative support, and settle in for a long period of we’re-here-every-day. Rather, we are engaged with our clients when we need to be, but out of their way when they have work to do. When clients have a deeper sense of “ownership,” results are more legitimate and long-lasting. We know from over 25 years of experience in consulting that People support what they help to create.

Our role as consultants is to give people the opportunity to create, to build, to grow, and to achieve in ways that produce change that is sustainable after the consultants are gone.

Among the services that we deliver, based on what is most appropriate for each client, are (explanations are short; more detail is available upon request)

Executive Briefings. This service is designed to introduce senior executives and managers to the Employer of Choice® concept, journey, and recognition program. Presentations are custom-designed to meet objectives, specific issues, and time constraints.

Internal Team Design and Development. Employers typically assemble multi-level, multi-functional teams to champion the journey to the application for Employer of Choice® recognition. We can assist with design of the team, training and development of members, and support of the team’s processes for optimal results.

Leadership Development. The success of an Employer of Choice® initiative comes from the top of the organization. In a surprising number of cases, company leadership-even at the senior levels-is incapable in some way(s) of delivering inspirational leadership on the journey. Our consultants respond with formal and informal leadership development and coaching, often quietly “under the radar.” Our consulting team includes a number of executive coaches, among them national leaders in the field.

Culture Design, Development, Change. When the organizational culture is not supportive of an Employer of Choice® initiative, desired results will be impossible to attain. Some cultures are even counter to this kind of achievement, some so resistant to improvement and collaboration that we could describe them as “toxic.” These inhibiting problems must be overcome before the organization can experience forward movement.

Development of Care of People Strategies and Tactics. How can an employer best take care of people? What strategies are most effective-for the employees and for the employer? How can these strategies be implemented in ways that will provide the greatest benefit for all? These questions-and many more related to these issues-are addressed by our experienced consultants, bringing their expertise and experience with creative best practices.

Strengthening of Education, Training, and Development. One of the highest priorities for employees today is growth-on both personal and professional levels. Consequently, this is a key component of being an Employer of Choice®. The numerous aspects of this vital area are addressed by our consultants. Our capabilities include world class (literally) high level competency in education, training, and development from the individual to the institutional.

Advising on Compensation and Benefits. Wise employers monitor their compensation competitiveness, but this concern now goes much deeper than being sensitive to local market wage rates. Questions about compensation philosophy underlie flexibility, capacity to create unique packages, creative approaches, and responsive offerings. Our professional are on the leading edge of this aspect of corporate life.

Aligning Organizational Functions for Corporate Focus. Organizations that reach the Employer of Choice® level enjoy a strong, conscious alignment between departments, functions, and corporate leadership. Deliberate collaboration produces great results and gives all employees positive feelings about being part of a cohesive team. Consultants from The Herman Group facilitate that all-important common focus with a third-party intervention process that draws people together to move in the same direction.

Improving Recruiting and Retention of Top Talent. Facing costly employee turnover, many employers emphasize retention to stem the flow. While retention is unquestionably essential, strong attention must also be invested in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. Good selection is critical. If the wrong people are hired, the employer is trapped spending resources to retain people who should not have been hired at all. We assure that talent management extends over a sufficiently long cycle to identify deficiencies and build a stable, productive workforce. Our work in this area almost always produces significant increases in employee retention.

Installing Measurement and Assessment Systems for Focused Feedback. Performance measurement is an essential part of becoming an Employer of Choice® and sustaining that level of achievement. Our consultants will work with you to determine what to measure, why, and how. The metrics are important–to educate and motivate employees and to present in the application for formal recognition. In a number of situations, assessment of leaders, managers, and other employees will support selection, development, assignment, and promotion. A number of assessment technologies will be applied, as appropriate, to enrich human capital management in client organizations.

Enhancement of Human Resource Management Systems. Significant advancements have been made in the field of human resource management. Employers need to look carefully at how they are managing the transactional aspects of human resources at the same time they place greater emphasis on the strategic role. Employees are becoming more demanding, expecting greater response and support from human resource professionals. All the work done in the employee relations arena will be wasted effort if an employee can’t get a benefits question answered or get some help with a childcare issue.

More information about these services and others provided by The Herman Group, is available. Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page, including your interests and questions, and we will respond promptly.

Actual work done in our client organizations varies greatly. Each engagement is unique, calling for a different set of skills, designs, and approaches. The strength of our consulting team enables us to assign the professionals with the expertise needed to meet client needs. Our people work as a highly coordinated team to continually diagnose, research, advise, recommend, and support. We do what it takes so that our clients achieve their desired results.

Who is the consultant?

Advisory and support services are provided by members of The Herman Group consulting team and other consultants they have trained to address the various aspects of becoming an Employer of Choice®. Resources are currently available throughout the United States and Canada, Australasia, France, Brazil, and the Andean region of South America. You can learn more about the backgrounds and capability of our team members at https://hermangroup.com/thgconsultingpartners/consultants.html.

The principal of The Herman Group is Joyce Gioia, co-author of How to Become an Employer of Choice and numerous other books. She conducted the research, wrote the book, and now lectures and consults on how employers can benefit from energizing efforts to move toward being a place where highly talented and dedicated people want to work. The Herman Group has developed a specialty in this work, which offers employers the expertise needed to accomplish their desired results.

Joyce, and many of their colleagues, have earned the Certified Management Consultant designation granted by the Institute of Management Consultants. In addition, Joyce is one of only a handful of consultants to be recognized as both a Certified Management Consultant and Certified Speaking Professional, the highest earned designations for both professional associations, The Institute of Management Consultants and The National Speakers Association.

One of the aspects we emphasize, which is not readily apparent to all employers considering achieving Employer of Choice® status, is that the journey is even more valuable than the destination. Being designated with a certification that validates that an employer meets the criteria as a desired place of employment is certainly worthwhile and filled with benefits. But, the growth and development experience is the true, deep value. As your people come together to improve their culture, employee relations, recruitment and retention and so much more, real change emerges. Positive change. Make a difference change. Permanent change.

First Step

To initiate communication with our consulting group, simply call 336-210-3548.