If your organization is not yet ready to qualify for recognition as an Employer of Choice®, we can help. Corporate leadership teams can now participate in a year-long initiative to plan and implement the strategies that will move you toward becoming an Employer of Choice®. In a class with teams of executives from non-competing companies, you will attend 4 quarterly retreats. During the intervening months, a specially trained consultant will work with you on-site at your headquarters.

This powerful program offers a tremendous amount of valuable information, insight, and advice–delivered by well-known and respected subject matter experts. (See the list of faculty in the prospectus.) You’ll have plenty of focused time to work as an organizational team and to share with colleagues from other employers. Lots of resource material.

Executive Summary The Employer of Choice®

Transformation Experience is designed for leadership teams that want to move their organizations to a higher level of performance, stability, and profit. The year-long process requires the deliberate commitment of resources—primarily executive time and energy…an investment that will produce a substantial return.

Concept. Executive leadership teams from 6 to 12 companies actively participate together in a year-long program consisting of four, 2.5-day learning and execution events, plus eight monthly execution review visits by a specially-trained consultant/coach. Each executive leadership team usually consists of 5 to 8 members.

Included in the learning experience will be

  • Assessments—of leadership, team performance, and corporate culture
  • Reading materials—much of it supplementing presentations by the authors
  • Expert presenters and facilitators with seasoned experience and knowledge
  • Ample time for company-focused team execution discussions
  • Concentration on practical application and results.

Participants will gain a clear understanding of how to become an Employer of Choice® to effectively and profitably lead, guide, inspire, and implement change. Significant improvements are anticipated—the kind of improvements that generate measurable bottom-line results.

Your consultant/coach will work with your leadership team during the quarterly events, then continue to provide support of your leadership team during the interim months of the quarter. Reinforcement and depth of learning will be achieved using continuing education delivered electronically throughout the year.

Action. Is your leadership team prepared to re-energize your organization, to strengthen your competitive position, and to achieve gratifying results? Call 336-210-3548 about enrolling your organization in the Employer of Choice® Transformation Experience.

All the information you need to know is contained in the full 39-page prospectus. After you read over all the information, call us a call at 336-210-3548.