The Employer of Choice® concept can be explained in a speech ranging from 60-90 minutes in length. Audiences–of any size–can consist of business owners, executives, and/or human resource professionals. Presentations can be customized to fit client situations, including specific information needs or positioning.

Content of speeches about Employer of Choice® typically includes

The External Environment

  • workforce trends
  • severe shortage of skilled labor
  • intensifying recruiting
  • competitive employment market
  • increased employee turnover/freedom of movement

Strategic Drivers Behind Becoming an Employer of Choice®

  • Need to have stable, competent workforce
  • Concurrent need to recruit and retain; costly to employer
  • Opportunity to raise satisfaction, with benefits to all
  • Sensitivity to customers, suppliers, other stakeholders
  • Differentiation in employment marketplace
  • Differentiation in consumer marketplace

The Journey to Becoming an Employer of Choice®

  • Diagnosing a starting point
  • Build a multi-level highly-focused task force
  • Designing a comprehensive, multi-faceted plan
  • Translating plans into specific actions for improvement
  • Implementing plans, getting results
  • Measuring and monitoring

Rewards attributed to becoming an employer of choice®

  • Easier to recruit and retain top talent
  • Employees more open, participative, productive
  • Employer community enjoys higher morale, relationships
  • Work becomes more meaningful
  • Higher caliber co-workers, happy customers
  • Greater corporate stability, competitive advantage

The Elements of Employer of Choice®

  • Company
  • Culture
  • Enlightened Leadership
  • Care of People
  • Growth and Opportunity
  • Meaningful Work
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Making a Difference

Getting started on the process

  • Assess where organization is, the starting point
  • Evaluate needs and opportunities for improvement
  • Build the team, define roles and expectations
  • Design the path to follow on the journey to Employer of Choice® status
  • Begin the journey

With commitment at the top of the organization, enlightened leaders can illuminate the path to higher achievement, stability, care of people.

Presenters. While we have several other members of our consulting team who can deliver presentations on this topic, most Employer of Choice® speeches are delivered by the co-author of the book, Joyce Gioia. She is an active and experienced professional speaker, designated a Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speakers Association. More information about Joyce is available at

First Step. To engage Joyce to speak for your audience, complete and submit the form on this website or contact Joyce Gioia at 336-210-3548.