The Employer of Choice certification mark is an earned designation of excellence of
Employer of Choice International, Inc. ®

What it means to become an Employer of Choice®

In today’s highly competitive employment world, employers of all kinds are eager to differentiate themselves from other organizations.

The phrase, “Employer of Choice®,” is coming into a common usage not dissimilar to the use of “excellence” in the 1980s. Not every company achieved the “excellence” they touted. Certainly not every company will become an “Employer of Choice®.” Companies that were not “excellent” are still around today; companies that don’t become “Employer of Choice®” will continue to do business. The quality of success will be different, as will the vulnerability to failure. Organizations that earn the right to be described as “Employers of Choice®” will enjoy a higher level of performance, greater workforce stability, and the level of continuity that assures preservation of the knowledge base, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and stronger profits.

To us, “Employer of Choice®” means that workers–employees and contractors–choose to work for that employer… when presented with other choices of employment. This choice is a conscious decision–or series of decisions–made when joining an organization and when deciding to stay with that organization. The deliberate choice even influences productivity, as employees choose to do what it takes to make their employer successful.

Today’s workers have choices, more so than ever before in history. Everyone has a wide range of choices of occupation, employer locale, industry, and work arrangements. Our strong economy, which economists tell us will last until at least the later part of the first decade of the 21st century, ensures that we’ll continue to have an abundance of employment opportunities.

In this seller’s market, workers will make clear decisions about where they will work, why, and for how long. While each of us will establish our own personal decision-making criteria, research shows that we have a number of common issues that will influence our choices. The more employers understand about these common issues, the more they can take steps to strengthen their positions as employers of choice.

Benefits of Becoming an Employer of Choice®

  1. Wide Recognition–acknowledgement of your stature in your industry and in the news media
  2. Comprehensive Report–learn what your employees said about your company
  3. Comparative Report–great for benchmarking against other employers striving to attract top talent
  4. Custom-made Trophy for display–duplicates available for other locations
  5. Media Kit–to help you exploit your new recognition
  6. Internet Exposure–listing on the this website, with option for expanded presentation of why people should work for you
  7. Great positioning for your company’s recruiting program
  8. Another opportunity for employee involvement and pride

Employers of Choice®, able to attract, optimize, and retain top talent, will enjoy a substantial tactical advantage over their competitors. They will have the knowledge, experience, resiliency, and power to respond quickly to the marketplace, delivering what customers want more efficiently and more effectively than competitors plagued by nagging employee turnover. This strength will allow them to win more business and maintain high levels of customer service and loyalty.

Employers of Choice® will compete for employees with the same power base that contributes to customer satisfaction. Workers seeking better employment will gravitate toward high performing organizations with a reputation for workforce stability. Following the concept of “the rich get richer,” Employers of Choice® will continue to grow stronger. In today’s sharply competitive world, this evolution means they’ll often get stronger at the expense of their competitors, which leads to greater market share and higher profits.

The Application Process

  1. Contact the research department of Employer of Choice®, Inc, at 336-210-3548 to initiate your process and arrange for payment of your assessment fee.
  2. Complete the application form and submit the application electronically.
  3. When contacted by the Employer of Choice® staff, arrange for your employees to be surveyed to validate your employer’s qualification to be recognized.

It’s that simple!

Employee Questionnaire

Employees of companies applying to become an Employer of Choice® will complete an anonymous questionnaire as part of the process.

We’ve used other surveys, but preferred the Employer of Choice® assessment because it was more comprehensive. We didn’t qualify for the Employer of Choice® designation our first time, but we will soon.

Bill Palmer
Commercial Casework

Our Advisory Board

Maxie V. Carpenter
Vice President, People, Retired
Wal-Mart Stores
Rogers, Arkansas

Ted Daywalt
VetJobs, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

Mike Foster
Chief Executive Officer
Human Capital Institute
Washington, DC

Garry G. Mathiason, Esq.
Senior Partner, Littler Mendelson
Chairman, Employment Law Training, Inc.
San Francisco, California

David Shadovitz
Human Resource Executive
Horsham, Pennsylvania

Pete Smith, CMC
Retired Chief Executive Officer
Watson Wyatt
McLean, Virginia

The Process

After making preliminary arrangements with Employer of Choice®, Inc, the authorized representative of the applying employer submits the application form electronically. Payment of the assessment fee can be done through our secure site by credit card or a check can be sent to Employer of Choice®, Inc. Processing will not begin until fees are received as confirmation of the legitimacy of the submission.

Shortly after initiation of our review, you will be contacted by the research associates of Employer of Choice®, Inc. They will make arrangements with you for your employees to be surveyed in a timely manner. No application is considered complete without sufficient response to the employee survey to validate application content and eligibility for recognition.

To get started, call our Director of Research, Tom Olivo, at 336-210-3548. He will go over details with you.

Validation Criteria

  • The Company
  • The Culture
  • Enlightened Leadership
  • Care of People
  • Growth and Opportunity
  • Meaningful Work
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Making a Difference
  • Employee Loyalty
  • Performance Results

Sample Report

See our Sample Report