When senior leaders and managers want to gain a quick understanding of the Employer of Choice® concept, an executive briefing may be the answer. Presentations are tailored to the group, specific needs, and designated time frame.

Content and Design

Content and design of Employer of Choice® executive briefings typically includes

  • The external environment creating the need
  • Internal environment elements creating the need
  • Benefits of pursuing/achieving Employer of Choice® status
  • The value of the journey
  • Leadership’s role, commitment
  • The process and resource requirement

Executive briefings usually include a question/answer period and/or discussion session. Often they are quite interactive, with participating executives engaging in an animated interchange around various aspects of the briefing theme.

Positioning of Executive Briefings

Corporate leadership teams have used executive briefings in several ways:

  • To gather information leading to a decision about pursuit of the designation
  • To inform and gain total commitment of key people before moving forward
  • To prepare senior executives and managers prior to introduction to employees
  • To build commitment, responsibility, accountability as an organization begins its journey to become an Employer of Choice®
  • To inform and engage members of a board of directors
  • As a precursor to evaluation of leaders or managers as part of the Employer of Choice® process

Some trade associations–local and national–have arranged executive briefings for senior executives of their member organizations. This approach affords these leaders an opportunity to learn about the concept, evaluate how energizing their company around an Employer of Choice® theme might be worthwhile, and to consider possibilities in a safe environment.


A number of members of The Herman Group consulting team are prepared to deliver executive briefings on Employer of Choice®. Most of them have the expertise and experience to be designated Certified Management Consultants (CMC) by the Institute of Management Consultants. Included on the list of briefing presenters are the co-authors of How to Become an Employer of Choice, Roger Herman, CMC, and Joyce Gioia, CMC. The most appropriate selection is a consultant who will be working with the employer in the Employer of Choice® process.

First Step. To initiate conversation about arranging an executive briefing for your organization, please call 336-210-3548.