Interest in the Employer of Choice® concept continues to grow as competition intensifies in the employment market. Employers face a growing need for qualified talent in a labor market characterized by a severe shortage of skilled workers. Competition for qualified employees is heating up as recruiters become increasingly aggressive. In a sellers’ market for labor, workers are in the driver’s seat. They are interviewing prospective employers, asking a lot of tough questions that cause human resource professionals and hiring managers to squirm. In our expanding economy, more jobs are opening–creating a challenging situation where fewer skilled workers are available for a growing number of vacancies. Weak loyalty links, ineffective retention efforts by supervisors, and greater mobility encourage employee turnover. Put these factors together, and it’s a recipe for disaster for employers.

Understandably, given these circumstances, there is a hunger for opportunities to learn about workforce trends that set the stage and facts about our current predicament that influence employer policies, decisions, and actions. When workers have the power to make choices about where they work–and why, employers are eager to have people they desire to make the choice to join–or remain–with them. Employer of Choice®. Simple concept, not difficult to grasp. Research results that show clearly what employers must do. The doing, however, can be a company’s undoing. Becoming an Employer of Choice® is not easy. Learning the how-to is essential for companies that need to build a stable, productive workforce.

Alternatives and Positioning

Seminars and workshops are ideal vehicles to share vital information, advice, techniques, and best practices. Seminars are more instructor-centric, with the objective of conveying a large amount of information from the expert to the audience in the time available. Workshops, on the other hand, are more interactive…participant-centric. The instructor still transmits a lot of knowledge, but the workshop environment provides an opportunity for questions and answers, discussion, exploration, problem-solving, and in-depth probing. Each format has its place, and consultants from The Herman Group have the experience and expertise to utilize either design to serve client needs.

Consider your audience, needs and objectives, venue, and time available. If you are not sure which alternative will be most appropriate for you, we’ll help you make your design decision. Perhaps some sort of combination of approaches might be most effective.

Seminars and workshops on Employer of Choice® can be delivered in a number of situations:

  • Pre-convention educational sessions
  • General (plenary) sessions at conferences
  • Break-out (concurrent) sessions at conventions, conferences
  • Scheduled programs at local or regional trade association meetings
  • Program at company all-management meetings (conferences, retreats)
  • Educational programs for managers of organizations–part of training sequence
  • Initial meetings for managers of companies starting the journey to Employer of Choice®
  • Informational meetings for employees of companies beginning the journey to become Employers of Choice®
  • Stimulating educational meetings for Chambers of Commerce
  • Practical application sessions for college business classes, graduate schools
  • Meeting program for local chapters of the Society for Human Resource Management
  • Conference program for regional SHRM meetings


The Herman Group has over half a dozen professionals who have been specially educated and trained to facilitate seminars and/or workshops on Employer of Choice®. Most of them have been designated Certified Management Consultants by the Institute of Management Consultants. We will assign the most appropriate person to work with you, based on factors such as your audience, objectives, situation, and unique circumstances.

First Step

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