June 26, 2000


Joyce Gioia (joy-yah)
Employer of Choice International, Inc.

Stratus Technologies, Inc.

MAYNARD, Mass., July 24, 2001 –Stratus Technologies, Inc., maker of the world’s most reliable server technologies, has been selected as an “Employer of Choice®” by Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia (joy-yah) of The Herman Group, industry consultants and experts on employee retention and workplace trends, and co-authors of the book How to Become an Employer of Choice.” Stratus received this designation by virtue of its excellent track record in attracting, growing and retaining top-notch talent.

“We recognize Stratus as an ‘Employer of Choice®‘ for its dynamic, employee-centric culture based on constant communication and collaboration between employees and the management team,” said Roger Herman. “Stratus’ success is the result of its commitment to individual growth and advancement, healthy work-life balance, remembering alumni and recruiting friends, and extensive employee compensation and benefits. Stratus boasts many long-term employees, which is a testament to the company’s commitment to keeping its most valuable assets happy,” adds Joyce Gioia.

Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia will be on site today to acknowledge Stratus and its employees for its “Employer of Choice®” designation. The visit of Herman and Gioia coincides with a company-wide barbecue celebration, held for Stratus employees, friends, and management in recognition of their hard work and dedication in bringing a new flagship product to market – the Stratus ftServer system, a breakthrough business computer server built with industry-standard technology, designed to guard against system outages.

“We are very pleased to be recognized by Employer of Choice, Inc. for our loyalty and commitment to our employees,” said Steve Kiely, president and chief executive officer of Stratus Technologies. “I have been in this business long enough to understand that the company’s best assets go home at night. In that spirit, we acknowledge our employees for their hard work and affirm our commitment to the progression of this company and its employees today and everyday.”

About Stratus Technologies

Stratus Technologies, Inc., offers a proven range of continuously available computer platforms, application solutions, professional services, and technologies for mission-critical business operations. Many Stratus customers are highly visible industry leaders such as prominent U.S. securities firms, major credit card companies, the largest stock exchange in Asia, the largest options exchange in the world, and 15 out of the world’s 20 largest banks. The 24-7 Technologies Division of Stratus licenses technology for fault tolerance to technology companies. Stratus has offices and a comprehensive network of customer service centers worldwide, and 1,130 employees. For more information about Stratus, visit www.stratus.com.

About the Employer of Choice® Recognition Program

Organizations earning the Employer of Choice® designation, qualify by scoring among the top 10% of employers in every one of the following categories: The Company, The Culture, Enlightened Leadership, Care of People, Growth and Opportunity, Meaningful Work, Compensation & Benefits, Making a Difference, Employee Loyalty and Performance Results. These validation criteria are detailed in the book How to Become an Employer of Choice (Oakhill Press, 2000), recently named runner-up for Best Business Book of the Year 2000 by the Publishers Marketing Association. The 256-page hardcover book sells for $30.